Practice Metrix

The Practice Pilot was created by Practice Metrix – End users just like you. It allows you to enhance your  reporting ability through dynamic visual color charts and business dashboards. Simply stated, the Practice Pilot mines your data 24/7 within your database, and visually demonstrates your Referral Performance, Collections, Procedure Code Analysis, Zip Code Marketing, Provider Performance, Office Performance, and much more – all in a one click fashion.

The Practice Pilot was designed to demonstrate key data points specific to the success of your practice in a visual manner within your Practice Management  Software. The Practice Pilot runs separate but is able to manipulate the data within your  database. The Practice Pilot continually mines your data so you have the most current information at your fingers to make the key decisions necessary to grow your practice – when it matters.

Currently Practice Metrix integrates with Dentrix Enterprise, Henry Schein OMSVision, PerioVision, EndoVision, DentalVision, Ascend, DSN’s OMS-Exec, Perio-Exec, Endo-Exec, Dental-Exec, Multi-Exec, PBS-Endo Enterprise, Open Dental, CS WinOMS and soon EagleSoft