Practice Management has never been so simple

Serving the dental Healthcare Industry over a decade with business intelligence applications built by providers, certified and integrated with major PMS systems.

24×7, HIPAA Compliant Patient Management Dashboard

One easy portal to track referred patients, share images, send follow up letters, consult with your GP’s, Lab and Implant Representative 24x7.

Practice Metrix Solutions

Instant ROI and Enhanced Efficiency

True #1 Practice Management Reporting Dashboard

Practice Metrix presents a real-time "360 one-click" business analytics application. The "Pilot" is a comprehensive reporting and analytical tool. It is fully interactive, data from 5,000 feet down to 1 foot – resulting in actionable, intelligent inferences.

Practice metrix
Deploy a cloud architecture that helps support your HIPAA compliance program Healthcare Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliant. Protected Healthcare Information
Lynda Davenport
If you use EndoVison for practice management, you must get the software from Practice Metrix! You will make better management decisions about production, collections, insurance plans, and marketing plans with the detailed reports provided. It is a game-changer!