HIPAA Training

HIPAA Compliance 360 with Practice Metrix

The skilled HIPAA professionals at Practice Metrix have gleaned through 1000’s of pages of legislation and protocols. They have devised a simple yet comprehensive solution for you to confidently rest easy.

HIPAA Compliant 360 Crafted remedy to make you HIPAA Compliant 360 any HIPAA Happy
Easy to Use Equipped with an Innovative, easy to use online portal.
Ideal Solution Comprehensive, Multi-faceted solution for Successful HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA for the everyday provider.

Our online course will cover a number of important terms, definitions, and responsibilities of medical and dental practices in protecting patient health information as directed by HIPAA, Health and Human Services, and the Office of Civil Rights.

The goal of this information is to provide context to the many guidelines that we are facing in our day to day business of treating patients.

The goal of this course is to promote a basic understanding and to create an avenue to pursue the questions that will arise as you seek to make your practice compliant. In addition to the course, we also offer a more comprehensive evaluation to help you better understand your practice’s needs.

  • What is HIPAA and the HITECH Act
  • Who is involved in the HIPAA and HITECH Act and how it affects your practice
  • Penalties for noncompliance: Civil and Criminal
  • Guide you through the Risk Analysis Process
  • Introduce the Security Management Process
  • Administrative Safeguards including a contingency plan
  • Physical Safeguards including facility access controls
  • Technical Safeguards including audit controls
  • Covered Entity (CE) Checklist
  • Help you enhance your HIPAA security posture

Each course attendee will receive a certification upon completion of this course for you to retain in their employee file.