Business Coaching

Business Coaching

Serving the OMFS community since 2008

Our coaches identify potential enhancements to your processes, scheduling, marketing, coding, billing, and all other daily operations. Then, we partner with your staff to implement and drive the recommended changes. We do the work, while you do surgery. Let us take the noise out of your daily routine.

Leverage the Expertise A 360 complete, deep analysis of all financials that drive your practices! Maintenance of corporate documents, business plans, employee matters, tax, legal and regulatory.
Coaching / Mentoring Our experts identify the potential enhancements to your processes, scheduling, marketing, coding, billing, etc. Then partner with individual staff silos to implement and drive the recommended changes.
Leading Edge Software You will receive the ONLY AAOMS CERTIFIED Oral Surgery Dashboard for your Practice Management Software. Clearly visualize your KPIs in REALTIME, to see what is working and what needs improvement.
Operations We will develop comprehensive business operations best practices and workflows that address every aspect of the practice both internally and externally.
Coding Review Review of codes billed to identify additional production areas that are being missed.
HIPAA Posture HIPAA compliance needs to be second nature! Our nationally recognized HIPAA experts will do a complete review and offer a robust solution.

Most successful Medical Practices trust Practice Metrix


Practice Metrix, an OMS3 company, was created by surgeons from a large, multi-location practice who determined how critical it was to see data for making informed business decisions. Ten years later, after many lessons learned, we are well-equipped to present cogent solutions for almost any situation you may face within your practice. Hiring a new associate, creating management structures within your practice, coding reviews, billing best practices that yield greater collections, corporate reviews, gearing up for potential PE acquisitions or mergers, and a host of others.

As a testament most of our clients realize a minimum of 5 times the return on investment from our proven services and solutions.

Call us for your free practice evaluation and start to increase revenues today!


  • KICK-OFF MEETING: Meet and Greet with the staff in a relaxed setting your team meets the Practice Metrix professionals led by the CEO. 1 Night.
  • Meet with all company stake holders to understand needs.
  • INITIAL REVIEW: Done within 30 days of Contract Signing.
  • CUSTOM SOLUTIONS: We will assist with custom solutions and strategies that cater specifically to your practice period.


  • Install Practice Pilot/Snapshot Pro to measure successes.
  • Practice Metrix team partners with current/designated “Practice Managers” within their current roles and expertise.Introductions, getting familiar and working together. – Within 30 days and then setting a periodic review for the remainder of the 11 months of the contract period.
  • Identify Procurement Savings.
  • Review Corp structure.
  • Send Company Survey.


  • Implement the “adopted” coding changes.
  • Implement the adopted procurement processes and suggested companies.
  • Install and train workforce on Smart Predictive Procurement.
  • Review of workforce efficiency.
  • Review of pay scales with suggested supportive Job Descriptions.
  • Introduce “Surgical Level” systems for Doctor Reviews.
  • Introduce supporting staff job descriptions to support the recommended and adopted process changes.
  • Review company Handbook.
  • Bring Practice staff to Practice Metrix site to view and experience recommended process/flows.
  • Review HR best practices and Ads towards hiring best candidates.
  • Introduce supporting staff job descriptions.
  • Identity ITC opportunities and discuss school/training.
  • Discuss Practice marketing towards adoption of 3 part marketing plan; “Candy Land”.
  • Reducing the doctors time within consults and adding surgery time.
  • Review Non-Valued Time for each work force.
  • Discuss adoption of fire tablet for consult videos at each location.
  • Discuss Tax Credit adoption.
  • Discuss Renegotiation of Carriers.


  • Implement negotiation process through contract term.
  • Discuss and introduce proven succession models through contract term.
  • Review and Adjust all newly implemented processes as needed through the contract term.