About Practice Metrix

We are end users, just like you.

Practice Metrix is unlike any other consulting company. Consisting of eight locations, twelve providers, and medical professionals like yourself, our team ensures that the necessary dedication to innovation is always met. Our team provides onsite visits, working in tandem with your surgical schedule, at your front desk, and with your billing department to create a comprehensive and holistic review of your business. By working directly with your staff, we can quickly identify and provide solutions to your pain points and evaluate your staff simultaneously. Every oral surgery practice is different and requires a team that understands that “cookie cutter” solutions aren’t cutting it in our current OMFS community.

Once the unmet needs are identified, our team provides coaching and mentoring for all executive members of your practice. This includes leadership and management coaching for new managers, and the assigning of “partner/coaches” for each of your workforce members including, Implant Treatment Coordinator/Marketing, Clinical Care Coordinator, Billing Manager, and Customer Relations Managers.

Further, Practice Metrix has its own “school,” located just outside of Philadelphia, which offers courses that can help improve all facets of your practice. For example, the Implant Treatment Coordinator (ITC) course educates team members with a one of a kind, hands on approach to growing your implant business by presenting a treatment plan (including cost) and freeing up time for your providers to see more patients. Practice Metrix can provide word tracks that help even the most inexperienced ITC close more cases. Unlike other existing educational sources, Practice Metrix’s training offers your staff members the opportunity to provide live consults to actual patients. Whether you are looking to create an effective ITC position within your practice or enhance the skill sets of your current ITC, this class is sure to be your solution.

Another course available is the Surgical Assistant class where your staff member will work in a real practice, side by side with trainers to learn skills to best support your surgeons, while honing in on their own skill sets. Practice Metrix covers your needs top to bottom from morning huddle and maximizing your schedule to assisting in complicated cases. Look no further than Practice Metrix to train your new assistants or grow the skillsets of your current assistants.

Are you looking to bring in a new associate, transition out of your practice, or are considering working with a private equity group? Practice Metrix can provide a review of your corporate documents to ensure you are in the best place to make your next move. With their dense library of documents on hand, they can save you thousands in legal fees.

When running a practice, it can be hard to determine when you have maximized your efficiency. The OMFS landscape is constantly changing, specifically post-COVID. To better navigate these changes, it is important to utilize tools like practice management platforms. This is where Practice Metrix comes into play. Practice Metrix specializes in maximizing your practices production without sacrificing your standard of care. With our proprietary software, Practice Pilot, our certified dental coders can quickly perform a coding review to ensure your practice is charging for all of the newest OMFS procedure codes and can highlight the codes you may be undercharging. The business of oral surgery is too costly of a practice to waste resources or ignore your pain points. Practice Metrix looks forward to the opportunity to partner with you and meet all your needs.

Call us today at (610) 600-9932 for a free 30-day trial of the Practice Pilot and a complimentary coding review.

Mission Statement

To constantly strive to think and operate outside the box. To provide what we consider elegance. To offer the simplest solutions for any challenge our end users would encounter while searching for success and profitability.

Practice Metrix and You

Our goal is to create a strategic partnership with you, the end user. By hosting frequent virtual meetings throughout the year, we hear what your needs are and how we can tailor our products to better serve you. We fast track your suggestions to make them a reality in a timely fashion.

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Accelerate revenue, growth through Practice Metrix
"To our doctors, our solutions provide a comfort level, efficiency, peace of mind and increased revenue. Especially in regard to the time that is being saved. With Practice Metrix, Smart Predictive Procurement, or any of our other solutions, we truly give you the ability to become the CEO of your practice. And the best thing is, it is so easy to use, you don't need an MBA to understand it." CEO
- Sean M. Wild