Success Stories

"“Adding layers of leadership and management have improvised efficiency, consistency, and staff expectations for our practice.” “Bringing in trained HR and Marketing staff provides perspective and expertise you would never find on your own”. “By empowering managers to deploy practice policies, you can free yourself from daily questions and interruptions about nonsurgical issues.” Dr. Luke J. Freml, DDS "
"At Blue Ridge Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, we define success as excellent patient care, quality products and services, strong relationships, and a low stress environment. We began our partnership with Practice Metrix seeking guidance and support to take our practice to the next level. Sean and his team assessed our two-office practice structure, billing and coding protocols, and overhead. Based on their advice, we implemented changes that improved collections, enhanced our already positive team dynamics, and created more structure to the business, allowing us to spend more time with patient care and less time handling business issues. We were on the verge of joining a large corporate entity to achieve these changes, but after a year of working with Sean and his team, we have achieved our goals: stronger relationships with our team and patients, improved collections, and less stress, while retaining ownership of our practice. If we do consider merging with a corporation, we are in a better position to negotiate a much higher purchase price given the increase in our practice value. Corey C. Burgoyne, DMD M. Todd Brandt, DDS, MD, FACS "
"Success story from Dean Tiboris - Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon, Wisconsin."
"Most successful Medical Practices trust Practice Metrix."
"Practice Metrix has been a valuable addition to our practice. It allows us to easily look at important data in an instant that would otherwise take a significant amount of time to gather.

By doing this we can make better decisions, which adds to making us more successful."
"This product continues to amaze me. Information that would normally take days/weeks to assemble can now be accomplished with a few clicks of the mouse. I continue to be impressed with the simplicity of the product compared to the deep level of information you can extract. My doctors find the graphs much easier to digest than a page of black/white numbers only."
"We have been working with Practice Metrix for several years now. I reached out to the Practice Metrix team and they were so helpful in solving our problems/challenges. They truly understand the issues that come up with a busy Oral Surgery practice and the little things that make a big difference in the day to day operations"
"OMA has been using Practice Metrix for years now and we love it! The real time integration into our EMR is obviously the necessary piece, but it is the graphics, analytics and data Practice Metrix provides that makes it an amazing tool. Practice Metrix takes data and makes it a visual learning activity.

I use them in monthly board discussions and meetings with key leadership at our offices so we can all see where we are, how we got here, and as a result, where we would like to go as a practice. My doctors use Practice Metrix for real time production and collections tracking too, the lifeblood of any OMS. Ultimately, Practice Metrix is one too, that helps us serve the patients of Oklahoma. "
"We were smart enough to hire Practice Metrix consulting less than a year ago.

Our decision centered on the notion that we are great healthcare providers and put all of our attention into patient care and continuing education. At some point in our careers it becomes necessary to learn and manage the business which includes managing its growth and keeping up with constant change. To think that maintaining a busy OMFS practice can allow for expert knowledge of billing, marketing, coding, growth strategies, human resources, HIPPA compliance, and negotiations with insurance companies and supply companies is overwhelming.

We all know OMFS is a unique field, with coordination of benefits between medicine and dentistry. We also know that our practices are unique in that we provide surgery and anesthesia. We have highly skilled staff that we need to retain. We didn’t feel we were paying enough attention to the details on the business side of the specialty while maintaining busy practices.

We went to a seminar and met with Practice Metrix and saw the benefit. A full-time staff supplementing and teaching our current staff how to improve. The proprietary software immediately revealed weaknesses and strengths within the practice. We had a complete evaluation of our hardware and software, and saw where changes needed to be made to improve our HIPPA compliance. Opportunity to gain leverage with ordering our supplies was immediate and eased us through Covid changes. We were aligned with new insurance quotes and introduced to teams to improve our reimbursement.

The most significant changes were in processing claims, managing AR and coding. I’m happy to report in our situation, we were able to improve hundreds of thousands of dollars in one quarter. Honestly, it’s like having a watchdog over your practice looking how it can suggest improvement. They have been immediately accessible to the doctors and staff and they have a great team of sub specialists within their group. I highly recommend them and would be happy to discuss the changes they made for us if anyone would like to reach out."

"Practice Metrix has been awesome, without a doubt they have the best and most reliable customer support available. I can count on them to do what they say they are going to do. I would highly recommend their products, their support and anything they have to offer."
"Dear Sean,

I am very grateful for my visit to Philadelphia.

Thank you for taking the time to meet, and to introduce me to the team members of Practice Metrix. I was very impressed by their knowledge, but even more by their sincerity and commitment towards my success- this is priceless!

Previously, I felt overwhelmed by the many tasks I had to complete on my own. Now, not only do I feel a sense of relief and associated optimism, I’m experiencing a confidence for future success, as well as a connection to you and your team. Your goals and processes are aligned with me and my hopes for the new practice. Through Practice Metrix, I am no longer working alone and isolated.

THANK YOU! For removing my sense of dread and feelings of being overwhelmed, and replacing these with ALIGNMENT, CONFIDENCE and OPTIMISM FOR THE FUTURE.

Heart-felt thanks to you and your team."

"The Implant Treatment Coordinator Workshop provided an excellent start for building our implant program. We were able to easily implement the processes into our practice. Utilizing the Practice Metrix systems, we have increased our implant production and now provide much better tracking and communication with our patients and referral doctors."